DJ Vozz, @dj_vozz

Vozz Rich

Producer, DJ, and co-creator of The Elysium Project (@official_elysiumproject)

Vozz Rich is a West Coast based EDM Producer, and winner of the 2023 Dallas EDM Awards for "Best House Track".

Vozz started his music career over 12 years ago with a focus on sound mastering and vinyl record DJ sets.  He has produced, mixed, and engineered music for top DJ's and Artists.

Labels signed with include Soave,  Epsilon, Batuque, Maniana, & Lone Star Records. 

Vozz is an also an accomplished DJ, as he gets audiences moving with unique mixes and sounds that span Tech House and Latin EDM. 

Vozz's tracks and performance style never go unnoticed on a dance floor, as he brings high-energy and engagement to every performance.

He is available for club bookings, festivals, and musical collaborations. 

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